Termite Fumigation Services

Single Family Homes, Community Associations (HOA), Apartments & Multi-Family.

Termite Fumigation Services in San Jose, Santa Clara and Bay Area

Coastal Termite and Pest Control are skilled and experienced in termite treatment for a house to create a sealed and safe environment. The fumigant is released into your property for a specific time to ensure all insects, rodents, and pests are eliminated.

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our commercial and residential fumigation service – you get results for the price you pay. Our fumigation treatment will leave your home safe and pest-free. You will not regret contacting us for pest and termite fumigation services, serving in Santa Clara, San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area.

In four simple steps, fumigation takes your home from infested to 100% termite-free. And thanks to the fumigant completely exiting your home, no odor, surface residue – or termites – get left behind.

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