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Termites can cause severe and costly property damage if left untreated. Termite colonies can live for years unnoticed until their damage is revealed. Early detection is the key to preventing detrimental wood destruction, and our licensed experts are trained to locate and identify active or potential threats. Annual inspections are highly recommended, especially if evidence of termites is present. Signs include wood pellets, mud tubes, damaged wood, and swarms of insects flying out from holes and tunnels within your structure.

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Why most termite companies fail...

Knowledge, Experience, and Uniform Operational Procedures.

At Coastal Termite and Pest Control, we have a deep understanding of termite service. We have techniques and solutions that yield the best results no matter the situation. When every infestation is different you need a termite company that has experience in creating a strategy that will be effective in eradicating all your termites. Other companies may "Spray and Pray" — we, instead, rely on our expert training and have the best solutions in the industry at our disposal. You need a termite expert, like us, with the knowledge and experience in using a broad range of solutions to better serve your needs.

What our clients are saying...

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

"Derek did it again! We had termites 3 years ago and Derek (and Patricia, the admin) were angels.. responsive, friendly, and got the job done well. Saved the day again."

Tiffany L.

San Mateo, CA - Yelp

"The best part about the whole situation is that they were super reasonable price wise. These guys are super professional and I highly recommend them."

Justin L.

Sunnyvale, CA - Yelp

"Derek is very friendly and will take care of your termite needs!! He was called on short noticed and was able to accomodate us on a late friday!!"

Daniel A.

San Jose, CA - Yelp

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